"Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character."  

                                          - Albert Einstein


    Remind and Teacher Webpage Information


    During the course of this Living Environment class, you will be learning about the following topics:

    Scientific Method


    Characteristics and Needs of Living Things



    The 5 Kingdoms

    The Body Systems




    Environment and Energy Conservation

    In addition, students will be reading and writing about these topics throughout the year.


    Material and supplies needed:

      Organized Blue Science Binder with sufficient amounts of loose-leaf paper and three dividers labeled:

    •   Classwork
    •   Homework
    •   Tests/Quizzes

        Blue or Black Pens

       Sharpened Pencils with Erasers



    Science Textbook (can be brought home and left at home)

    Independent Reading Book must be brought to class on Quiz/Test days

    The teacher, parents/guardians and students must all work together for optimal student success to occur. Student grades will posted on the parent portal for parents/guardians and students to view and the planner is another great tool for parents/guardians to check weekly. Students and parents are highly encouraged to join remind to receive daily texts from me about important assignments. The planner, parent portal, teacher webpages and remind are great tools to utilize and are necessary for parent/guardian and teacher communication.