Baldwin Board of Education

  • Members of the board of education are elected by registered school district voters on the day set aside for the Board of Education Election and Budget Vote.

    The board is an extension of the state government and its members serve three-year terms without pay.

    The board of education holds a regularly scheduled monthly meeting, usually on the second Wednesday of each month. Meetings are scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. but frequently are called to order earlier with an executive session.

    The board generally returns to open session at 8 p.m. Questions and comments from residents are welcomed by the board at the regular monthly meeting and at regularly scheduled Community Input Meetings.

    To contact the board, please call Mary Hobbs, District Clerk, at 516.434.6011.


  • The mission of the Baldwin Public Schools is to support students' academic, social, and moral growth to foster a lifelong commitment to learning, and to encourage responsible contributions to society. A partnership reflecting the high standards of supportive families, conscientious learners, committed staff, and an involved community will maximize potential for student success.