Baldwin Teacher Center

  • The Baldwin Teacher Center is 1 of 126 Teacher Centers in NYS. Our Mission is simple: to elevate teacher expertise to advance learning for every student.  Our Vision is to create a community of learners where all students are enriched by educators who have access to meaningful and innovative teacher-lead professional learning.

    To accomplish our goals, we:

    • Are governed by a Policy Board and Director.
    • Are composed of a policy board that is made up of 51% or more teachers to ensure teachers have the ability to make decisions about not only what professional learning they take, but what professional learning options are made available to them.
    • Serve as a New York State Education Department approved provider of Next Generation Learning Standards.
    • Are the only professional organization sanctioned to provide the newly-approved pathway to certification for the Special Education Certification Extension Program.
    • Partner with Molloy College, Stony Brook University, Empire State College, Adelphi University, Mercy College, College of Saint Rose, and NYSUT to offer graduate certificates.
    • Our district and local partners are: BUFSD, Baldwin Board of Education, Baldwin Teachers’ Association and LINC (Long Island Network of Teacher Centers).
    • Support Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness in the Classroom, and Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) by providing courses for teachers and TAs to meet the needs of diverse learners.