COVID-19 Testing Through Baldwin UFSD

  • As part of the district’s ongoing COVID response planning and our collective efforts to ensure the utmost safety for our staff and students during this critical time, we have created a partnership with ATC Testing and Screening Services, LLC, to provide COVID testing for ALL students (both in-person and remote) and their families and staff. 

    This proactive testing is being done completely for convenience and is NOT related to required testing outlined in the Governor’s colored zone designation plan.

    There are no out-of-pocket fees for this testing when you provide either your health insurance card, OR a social security number. If you are unable to provide either, there is a $100 testing fee for each individual being tested. 

    All of the testing is handled directly between the patient and the testing company. Any questions or concerns about the testing should be directed to the staff at ATC Testing and Screening Services at 516.421.9805. 

  • Test Results Notification Process

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  • IMPORTANT: Items to Bring to Appointment