• The quality point (QP) is defined as the product of final grade

    (N) obtained in the course, the number of credits (C) designated for the course and the weighting factor (W) for that course as indicated below. 

    “AP” or “H” Level Courses:                 .01

    “R” Level Courses:                              .005

    Other indicated courses:                    Unweighted

    For example, if a student receives a numerical grade of 90 in a one-credit “H” level course, then the quality point (QP) would equal:

    QP = (N) x (C) x (W) = 90 x 1 x .01 = .9

    at the end of six semesters. The total number of the quality points for all courses included in the ranking would then be added on to the student’s unweighted average. It is this unweighted average plus the total number of quality points which are used to determine rank in class.