Independent Study

  • Credits earned for Independent Study will be determined on an individual basis by the school counselor, subject department supervisor, and approval of the administration.

    1. Independent Study cannot be substituted for a course offered in the school curriculum.

    2. Time designations will be as follows:

    1. a. All students may be involved in Independent Study (juniors and seniors will be given priority).
    2. b. At all grade levels, an Independent Study project must last for a minimum of one semester.

    3. Where applicable, reports on approved projects will be required. Copies of written reports will be placed in the student’s cumulative folder and on file in the Library.

    4. Independent Study topics are open-ended. Any type of proposal may be submitted for consideration.

    5. Enrollment in Independent Study will be limited by student interest, availability of an advisor, and the student’s ability to complete required course work while pursuing independent study.

    6. Projects may be developed cooperatively by more than one student.

    7. Independent Study may be pursued in any area acceptable to the student’s advisor, the department supervisor of the specific subject area (where applicable), and the administration.

    8. Independent Study may not replace one of the five required courses for seniors (Physical Education not included). Independent Study may not replace one of the six required courses (Physical Education not included for juniors, sophomores, or first-year students). Applications for Independent Study can be obtained in the Assistant Principal’s Office.