Links to fun online activities


    Incredibox allows students to explore how sounds will interact with each other in a fun, creative environment.  Students can experiment with bass voices, percussive sounds, highs and lows, and singing voices to create unique musical compositions worth sharing. 

  • The Musical Glossary

    Do you want to be the next Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky? How about Leontyne Price? If you have a love or talent for music, nurture it by learning music terminology and theory! The symbols and diagrams may look hard, but with study and practice, you will come to learn how each fits into a composition. Music and theater are so powerful and it is time to unlock that power through learning. Begin your music education today!

    Thanks to Anna for finding this great resource!

  • Bongo Cat

    Love animals? Want to compose music? Bongo Cat has all the tools to create fun, on the spot, musical compositions.  Using the letters and numbers on the keyboard, make Bongo Cat play Cymbals, piano, marimba, the bongos themselves, or even Meow out loud.