Arts and Music, K-5

  • Elementary art and music are the foundation of an award-winning K-12 Fine and Performing Arts program in the Baldwin Union Free School District.

    Elementary students are engaged in aesthetic development in visual arts and music in the following configuration:

    • Visual Arts
      • K-3 – Once a week  
      • 4-5 – Twice a week  
    • Music
      • K-3 – Twice a week 
      • 4-5 – Once a week 

    Young performers may select band or string instruments, participate in a beginner ensemble, and receive small-group instruction starting in the fourth grade. There are opportunities to display the work of young artists in each elementary school and through district and county exhibits.

    Music students are encouraged to participate in NYSSMA Festivals to advance individual performance and may participate in county and state level festival performances.

    If you have any questions about the program, please contact your child's music or art teacher or the Director of Fine and Performing Arts

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