Harriet Tubman

    Dear Student,


    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to a new school year. I hope it will be both a rewarding and an exciting one for you. I would especially like to welcome you to our English classroom. I believe that this is a place where you can learn a great deal about literature, people, and events of the past and present. Additionally, I believe that we will both enjoy the learning process.


    I would like to focus on a few important ideas that will help us maximize our success. English lends itself to discussing, analyzing, writing, reading, and forming opinions. To get a better understanding of literature, we must all participate by sharing our ideas with each other. I want you to know that your ideas, thoughts and solutions are both important and valuable. Also, I want to encourage you to take risks and to ask questions.

    All important information and announcements will be posted on canvas. 

    Daily Material List: 

    I. 1 Binder for ELA only

       A. Including 3 dividers

       B. Lose leaf paper

    II. School provided Chrome Book

    III. Blue/Black, highlighters, post-its 


    ~All school policies and procedures will be followed and upheld. Please refer to the school webpage for the student handbook.

    Attendance: Attendance is taken each period. It is your responsibility to get the work you've missed in the file folders in your classroom. You will need to hand that work back within two class periods. You may only make-up work if you are legally absent with a note. Any work not made up will result in a zero grade. If you are aware of an extended absence, please contact me ahead of time so that I may prepare the work you will miss. 

    Lateness: The school's lateness policy will be strictly enforced; fifteen minutes late, without a pass, counts as an absence and any work missed will not be allowed to be made up for a grade.  

    Extra Help Hours:

    Tuesday and Thursday Afternoon in room 611A

    Period 8 day B

    You may also schedule an extra help appointment.

    Nelson Mandela