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    Implementing Thinking Routines Into Our Everyday Teaching (15 hour Inservice course)

    When: Tuesday, May 7, 2024;  Tuesday, May 14, 2024; Tuesday, May 21, 2024; Tuesday, May 28, 2024; Tuesday, June 4, 2024  4:00pm-7:00pm

    Instructor: April Mosca

    Where: Online (link will be sent to participants)


    This course will provide teachers with a deep understanding of the educational benefits of implementing thinking routines as a learning tool across all content areas. Teachers will explore currently used thinking routines as well as create their own. This course will enable teachers  to discuss the effectiveness of making thinking and learning visible through the use of thinking routines. They will understand the value of using thinking routines as an assessment tool. Teachers will have the opportunity to collaborate with other course members to create, implement and reflect upon thinking routines and student success while using them.  Lastly, this course will enable teachers to explore and navigate through the Harvard Project Zero Thinking Routine Toolbox to use as a resource within the course and for years to come in the classroom. 


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