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    Physical Education is an important component of the overall educational process. The responsibility of the Physical Education program is to provide opportunities for students to develop skills, knowledge and attitude that will allow them optimal quality of life and well-being. It is our goal that students will develop a positive attitude and desire to participate in fitness activities throughout their lives.

    Starting at the elementary level, students engage in a number of units that focus on locomotive and manipulative skills while instilling good sportsmanship.

    Students participate in districtwide Physical Education activities such as the Fitness Jamboree, Basketball Shootout, Unity Day, and Rotary Track. During these events, the younger students interact with high school students from the Athletes Helping Athletes Student Leadership Team. Students at the middle and high school are also offered numerous intramural activities to participate in after school. These intramural activities include basketball, fitness clubs, volleyball, the annual Blue and Gold Night at Baldwin Middle School as well as the 70-year tradition of Intramural Night and Sportsweek in which the blue and gold teams sing and dance to original choreography.

    The athletic program, which is an extension of the Physical Education program, offers 53 modified, junior varsity, and varsity teams at Baldwin Middle School and Baldwin High School. Baldwin High School athletes celebrate their achievements at the annual Varsity Banquet.


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  • Dr. Tyshawn Scarlett

    Paula Cerasoli - District Office
    Athletic Secretary

    Patricia Pinna - District Office
    Athletic Secretary 

    Jessica Ospina  - HS
    Athletic Secretary


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  • Ramirez

    Athletics can be a valuable component of a student's educational experience. Through the promotion of self-discipline, dedication, sportsmanship, teamwork, accountability, and commitment to achievement, athletics fosters many of the qualities and educational values we endorse as a district. Athletic competition is a forum through which students may push themselves and their limitations, allowing them to develop self-confidence and enhance their self-esteem. 

    Eduardo Ramirez - Director Of Athletics