• Greetings! Welcome back from vacation! You have found your way to Ms. Russo's webpage. I hope this school year will be a challenging, enriching, and fulfilling experience for all of us! I believe in a student focused learning experience that will include diverse knowledge and thought. Children should feel comfortable and secure in the classroom environment. To that end, any form of harassment will not be tolerated. I try to individualize instruction based on my students unique background, learning style, prior knowledge, and interests. The most successful students are those that are active learners.

    "Aspire greatly; anything less than commitment to excellence becomes an acceptance of mediocrity."- Brian Tracy  If you want a great life, you must strive for excellence and greatness!

    I can be reached in the high school science office building 6 second floor. My extra help hours are Tuesday and Thursday before school 7:10-7:35am and rotating afterschool days from 2:35-3:05pm. Throughout the year, I will communicate with you through progress reports, report cards, telephone calls, and email. 

    Lets have a great year!