•                                                                                                      RESOURCES / REMINDERS

    1. Read daily and log your minutes. Bring the reading bag and log to school every day! 

    Spelling City / I Ready / Multiplication Cards on website

     Please complete I-Ready Reading and Math lessons at home when able as a great practice resource. 

    2. Math work is given daily.   (Keep the Eureka Succeed book at home.  Bring in only completed pages.)


    Library is on Mondays.

    (Make sure that your book is in school.)

    3.  See your child's planner for daily homework. 

    • Please sign your child's planner daily.
    • Please purchase any supplies that your child is missing so that s/he will be prepared for all classwork and homework.
    • Students should regularly complete I-Ready Lessons and may use the Clever account to practice word processing skills, spelling skills, etc.

    Students should be reading for 30-45 minutes daily to stretch those reading muscles! They should be logging their minutes on the monthly reading logs.

    Students should know all of their math facts (multiplication facts at least to 10 and inverse division facts - also basic addition and subtraction).  If your child has not mastered his/her facts, please have him/her practice regularly.

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