• Students in K-5 receive mathematical instruction through the Go Math program. The Go Math program addresses specific Common Core Standards for each critical area in mathematics. Students in grades K-2 begin each critical area with a story, while in grades 3-5 students begin with a project. The stories and/or projects include an interdisciplinary connection to specific content areas (science and social studies) based on grade level.

    Go Math seamlessly embeds the eight mathematical practices into lesson components. During the 60-minute math block, students are engaged in Math Talk during small- and whole-group lessons. Each lesson begins with a whole-group mini lesson to teach a new skill or strategy. Students demonstrate understanding of the skill through the “Show What You Know” activity.

    Teachers determine small-group and independent instruction based on how well the students achieved during the “Show What You Know” activity. Students will either work with the teacher in a guided math group practicing the strategy and reinforcing concepts or they will work independently and/or in a group with peers.  Go Math also provides intervention for students at risk in mathematics.