• Researching a topic of their choice related to the annual theme, students explore the historical significance through primary and secondary sources. Created individually or in a group, students can choose one of the following formats: website, performance, documentary, exhibit, or historical paper. 

  • BMS has been participating in Long History Day at Hofstra University since 2004. LIHD is the Long Island regional contest of the National History Day competition in which all 50 states are represented. Below are some pix of our students and their projects over the years. Students in grade 8 may participate by joining the National History Day pre-academy and completing a satisfactory project. Your teacher will guide students in their independent research during the 9th period pre-academy which meets every other day. Projects will be completed in school so there no homework, unless a student wishes continue working on the project at home. Students who place at the LIHD regional may go on to compete at the state and even the national level.  *This pre-academy runs for quarter 1 & 2.

RESEARCH LINKS: *BE sure to click on 'MORE' for full list of resources.

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  • 2020 NHD Theme


2020 Theme: Breaking Barriers in History