Did you know...


    Did You Know There are 3 Tiers of Vocabulary? 

    Yes! Tier 1 is Common, everyday words. Tier 2 are words that help students in all subject areas, found on standardized tests, and will help students year after year. Tier 3 words are content specific and important for classroom units and exams. 


    In LSH our focus is on Tier 2 Vocabulary words. Why do we Focus on Tier 2 vocabulary words?

    1. Time. We don't have time to cover every single word in every subject and make it stick.

    2. Carryover. We want the students to transfer what we are working on in LSH into their classrooms.

    3. Independence and compensatory strategies. We want the students to know how to figure out vocabulary words when we are not around in school. These are the words the students will run into in any subject or grade. 

    4. Mixed groups. At the middle school level, we have students of all grades and abilities. We can't always cater to a specific classroom's needs.