• Art 1

    Ms. Healy-Kurz

    Room 113

    E-Learning items can be found on Google Classroom.  

    Google Classroom Code Period 2: dfuxh3e


    Google Classroom Code Period 3: qdmoxtn



    Welcome to Art 1. This is a full-year course that will meet every day and provide you with a full credit of art. You will be working in a variety of media including graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, charcoal, tempera, acrylic, and pastels. This is a hands on course that requires your full participation.  I know you will enjoy this course and hope you continue in the art sequence at BHS.


    Class work 60%

    Homework 10%

    Class Participation 30%

       Art Room Checklist For Clean-Up

             Tables Cleared       

            Tables Wiped

            Floors Checked       

            Materials Away (Examples: Table folders, pencils, Clay, Water bottles,          Paint, tools, Paper Towels etc.)       

            Chairs Pushed in     

            Projects Away

               Sink Area Cleaned



    Please bring in 3 #2 pencils. You will keep one and you will hand 2 pencils in to be used throughout the course. 8.5” x 11 or 9x12” sketchbook spiral bound or hard cover. 

    Everyone is expected to be respectful of each other and careful around each others work. We will create some wonderful work in here and I look forward to a great year!