• Career & College Planning


    One-half Unit                                                             One-half Year

    Grades 11-12

    Students will do extensive college research and learn how to apply to potential colleges using online resources, especially College Board.  In addition, college resumes, work resumes, cover letters and interview techniques used for college and job interviews are covered.  Students will develop a personal portfolio, which provides a valuable reference for college and work.  Students leave class with a complete digital portfolio.  Guest speakers from local companies and colleges discuss their experiences and share job opportunities/internships.  The curriculum is designed to give students hands-on experience in using advanced features of MS Office 2016 and Google Apps.  Students will be able to utilize computer applications and the internet on an advanced level.  Recommended for 11th graders, with fall sections available for 12th graders.

    *This course fulfills the computer literacy requirement for graduation.


    Not sure what you want to do after Baldwin High School?  Well, you’re in the right class!


    This course will enable you to research potential colleges and careers using various on-line resources and advanced functions in MS Office.  Guest speakers from companies in Long Island and New York City will discuss their experiences and provide information regarding potential employment and internship opportunities.  Local college representatives will also come in and provide you with useful information.  Career and college related projects are assigned throughout the term.  Each student will develop a career portfolio (both paper and digital) containing all assignments completed during the term.


    Portfolio Design

    • Binder Cover

     College Planning

    • Building a College Resume
    • Online Resources
    • Bridges
    • School Finder
    • College Board
    • College Match Maker
    • Researching Colleges
    • College Letter
    • College Application Process
    • Common Application
    • Short Answer
    • College Essay
    • College Requirements
    • Scholarships
    • Technical Schools
    • College Slideshow

    Career Planning

    • Online Resources
    • Bridges
    • Interest Profiler
    • NYCareerzone
    • Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • MSN Careers
    • Applying for a Job
    • Work Resume
    • Cover Letter
    • References
    • Filling out a Job Application
    • Volunteering/Community Service
    • Who Will Hire Me?
    • How do I Market Myself?
    • Webpage
    • Business Cards
    • Thinking Ahead
    • Compensation
    • Professional Associations
    • Interview Skills
    • Workplace Behavior
    • Letter to My Future Self
    • Compile a list of Web Resources
    • Career Slideshow