Lesson Information

  • At BMS  students attend a small group lesson each week, just as they did in elementary school.  Students are given a lesson calendar on a monthly basis.   This calendar is posted on our bulletin board outside room 501.  Additionally, an envelope from which students can take extras, is there.  Students are encouraged to copy lesson information into their planners.

    The only excuses for missing a lesson is a legal absence, a full period test or science lab.  A student may then fill out a lesson excuse form, have it signed by their classroom teacher, and bring it to me.  Once this is completed, the student can make up the lesson for full credit.  If a student forgets to attend their lesson, they are also expected to make it up, but they can only receive partial credit.  

    ALL missed lessons must be made up. Missing materials, and lateness will result in a lowered lesson grade.  Lessons are 60% - 70% of the total grade for each marking period.

    Lessons are an important part of the music program in Baldwin.  Its where we work on music and technique.  It is also where students are given more individualized attention.


    Lesson group list


    March 2020



    Please feel free to check your lesson calendar outside room 501, or print out one by clicking on the correct month.

    You can take a lesson excuse form from the red envelope outside 501, or you can print one here.

    Lesson Excuse Form


    ***Remember - Excuse forms can be used to make up your lesson for full credit when you have a full period test or science lab.