Photo I is a half year introductory class designed to teach students how to take artistic photographs rather than "snapshots".  Students are introduced to design, photographic composition, famous photographers and their work.

    Students will learn to take photos in a state of the art photography studio. Students will learn to use a digital SLR camera and image editing software (Adobe Photoshop). Students learn creative ways to combine their photos with mixed media and exhibit their photographs.

    Mature and appropriate behavior is mandatory in photo class. Respect for equipment and one another is expected.


    A lot to learn and a lot of fun!


     Note to parents: One of the most challenging things about photography is finding a good place to take pictures. Whenever you're going somewhere special remember to bring your camera. Take your children on a photo adventure, it's a great way to spend time with them. Visit parks, the city, arboretums, the beach, fairs and school events. Remind them to bring their camera.