Mrs. DiMarco’s Homework for the week of September 21:  


    • Please read with your child, each night, for 10-15 minutes. (A reading log is stapled into your child’s homework folder for you to log each night for in-person students.)

    • We are working on the “honor system”. Please do not send in any completed homework back to school.



    Monday-        practice taking off and putting on a mask with your child so they can do it independently


    Tuesday-       practice opening and closing containers, snacks, juice straws etc.


    Wednesday- practice putting on a jacket and zippering it up


    Thursday-      practice shoe lace tying-here are some resources (there are many resources on You Tube and on the internet)






    post it

    • Please send in an extra pair of seasonal clothing in a labeled bag. This is “just in case clothing” in case your child has an accident in school.

    • Please send in your child’s Heart Map for their writing projects.

    • Please pack a second mask in your child’s backpack.

    • Please clean your child’s masks.





    This week, we will:

    - continue taking our i-ready math and i-ready reading benchmark assessments

    - learn letters “E-H” and meet new star students

    - take a writing assessment for narrative writing

    -continue to work in our Sensible Pencil packet, practicing our writing skills

    - learn the nursery rhyme, “Rain, Rain, Go Away” working on rhyming skills,

    sequencing, and comprehension

      • 1 “Teacher Tips”


    Talk, Talk, Talk!

    Find the time to talk to your child about his/her day at school and things going on around the house.  Encourage your child to explain something s/he did; maybe talk about a book read aloud during school, or a game s/he played during recess.  Try adding some interesting words to the conversation and encourage your child to ask what they mean.