• September 5th:  Algebraic Expressions

    September 6th:  `Honors - Properties Regents - Properties

    September 9th:  Interactive Activity on Happiness and introduce rational and irrational numbers

    September 10th:  Irrational and Rational Numbers

    September 11th:Exponents

    September 12th:  Quiz on Properties, Expressions, Irrational and Rational Numbers and then Continuing in Exponents Packet

      Negative Exponents

    September 13th:  Pre - Assessment Test (Does not count) 

    September 16th:  Quiz on Exponents and Worksheet on Exponents Negative Exponents

    September 17th:  Polynomials Packet Combining Like Terms

    September 18th:  Polynomials Packet - Adding Polynomials

    September 19th:  Polynomials Packet - Subtracting Polynomials

    September 20th:  Polynomials packet - Subtracting and Adding Polynomials Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

    September 23rd:  Multiplying Polynomials: Multiplying Polynomials

    September 24th:  Multiplying Polynomials: Multiplying Polynomials2

    September 25th:  Quiz

    October 2nd: Review for Test 

    October 3rd: Review for Test 

    October 4th: Test

    October 5th:  Two Step Equations Two-Step Equations

    October 6th:  Two Step Equations Two Step Equations with Combining

    October 10th:  Two Step Equations Two Step Equations with Distributive Property

    October 11th:  Variables on both Sides and Distributive Property on both sides 

    October 12th:  Equations 

    October 13th:  Equations

    October 16th:Equations with Proportions

    October 17th:Quiz and Infinite, one solution and no solution examples of equations

    October 18th:Equations

    October 19th: Translating Expressions Translating Expressions

    October 20th:Literal Equations Literal Equations

    October 23rd:Factored Equations Factored Expressions

    October 24th: Consecutive Integers Consecutive Integers

    October 25th:  Review

    October 26th: Test

    October 27th: Inequalities Inequalities

    October 30th:  Inequalities2

    October 31st:  Inequalities3

    November 1st: Compound Inequalities

    November 2nd:Quiz and absolute value

    November 3rd:Absolute value continued and then reviewed for Quarterly

    November 6th:  Review for Quarterly Quarterly Review

    November 8th:  Review for Quarterly Quarterly Review2

    November 9th: Quarterly

    November 13th:  Coordinate Plane Coordinate Plane

    November 14th:  Functions  Functions

    November 15th:Domain and Range  Domain and Range

    November 16th:  Function Notation  Function Notation

    November 17th: Function Notation

    November 20th:  Composition of Functions

    November 21st:  Composition of Functions (Quiz)

    November 22nd:  Interpreting Graphs

    November 27th and 28th:  Composition of Functions and Domain and Range from a graph.

    November 29th - December 1st:  Slope

    December 4 - 6th - Review for Slope and Functions Test

    December 7th: Test

    December 8th:  Graphically Solving System of Equations

    December 11th:  Graphically Solving System of Equations

    December 12th:  Substitution with System of Equations

    December 13th:  Substitution with System of Equations

    December 14th:  Elimination with System of Equations

    December 15th:  Elimination with System of Equations

    December 18th:  Word Problems with System of Equations

    December 19th:  Word Problems with System of Equations

    December 20th:  Review of System of Equations

    December 21st:  Quiz on Systems of Equations

    December 22nd:  Review Regents Game

    January 2nd:  Graphing Linear Inequalities

    January 3rd:  Graphing Linear Inequalities

    January 8th - 11th:  Graphing System of Inequalities

     January 12th:  Arithmetic Sequences

    January 16th:  Recursive Sequences

    January 17th, 18th, 19th, 22nd, 23rd and 24th:  Scatter Plots - Residual, graphs etc

    January 25th and 26th:  Midterm Review

    January 29th and 30th:  Midterm

     January 31st (two more days still some practice with scatter plots) - February 16th Exponential Decay and Growth word problems etc

    February 26th - March 9th - Factoring "GCF", "DOTS", Trinomials, Factor completely. Grouping

    March 12th - 23rd:  Equations to solve through factoring 

    March 26th - 27th:  Word Problems to solve through factoring.  Consecutive Integers and Area questions.

    March 28th:  How to simplify Radicals?

    March 29th and March 30th:  Questions on Completing the square