Hands-On Science

  • As many of you have heard, Plaza has the distinct pleasure of working with Nomi Rosen and Ralph Smallberg as they bring in many exciting projects.  Here is an example of what they will be doing in many of our Elementary schools:

    This Fall, all Baldwin elementary schools will be embarking upon a year-long initiative to develop enriched curriculum that is designed to infuse inquiry learning, inter-disciplinary connections, creativity and excitement into all facets of our curriculum. This work will proceed along multiple pathways according to the needs and opportunities presented by respective schools and faculties.  Some pathways currently underway include: a partnership with the Nassau County Museum of Art to enable docents from the museum to teach in Baldwin classrooms and let students make visits to the museum; school residencies, assemblies, and workshops by performers and teaching artists such as famed percussionist and ethno-musicologist David Pleasant, the musical education troupe, Bash the Trash, and Soweto Melodic Voices, a South African youth ensemble; field trips to local informal science education venues and nature study settings such as the Marine Nature Study Area in Oceanside; upgrades to our stock of science education equipment and materials; as well as opportunities for Baldwin staff to attend conferences and visit exemplary programs in other schools. We are also in early stages of entertaining ideas for school gardens and other "bigger ticket" concepts that can extend learning experiences for children beyond the walls of a classroom. This work is being overseen by a team of two highly experienced elementary educators: Nomi Rosen, a former principal and longtime consultant to NYC elementary schools in the arts and enriched curriculum, and Ralph Smallberg, a science educator from Bank Street College and Children's Television Workshop.  Funding for this initiative is being provided for by a grant to Baldwin Schools from the Herman Auerbach Fund.

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