7H Field Trip

  • The 7th grade Science Honors classes participated in a field trip to the DNA Dolan Learning Center in Cold Spring Harbor.  Students conducted two laboratory experiments, focused on DNA.  For the Glowing Genes experiment, students performed genetic engineering.  They inserted the gene that causes jellyfish to glow into bacteria.  The bacteria was taken back to school, in order to give them time to reproduce.  The new bacteria that were produced glowed.  For the DNA Fingerprinting lab, students learned how different sized segments of DNA travel across a gel at different rates.  They learned how this can be used in Forensics for DNA comparison.  They performed a gel electrophoresis and were able to determine that two of the samples came from the same organism.  Their results are posted online and can be viewed through the following link. http://old.dnalc.org/field_lab/view/october2016/6608

Mr. Iannucci's Class

Ms. Kuehhas' Class

Mrs. Zelinski's Classes