6th Grade World Language Selection

  • December 2019- January 2020

    Dear 6th Grade Students and Parents,
    In early January, all 6th graders will make their selection for the world language they wish to study in 7th grade. We currently offer four different language programs: French, Italian, Spanish, and Native Spanish. Our French, Italian, and Spanish programs are designed for students that have had little to no exposure to these languages, while our Native Spanish course is designed for students who speak and have been exposed to Spanish at home. 

    On Friday, January 3, 2020, 6th graders will view a special video presentation on their language choices during their social studies period. Language Selection Forms will be handed out to students to be completed at home in consultation with their parents. Students will return and submit their language preferences on Language Selection Day, which will take place on Monday, January 6, 2020. I will visit every 6th grade class during their social studies period on January 6th to collect the forms.

    Carefully selecting your top 2 choices is very important as switching languages is not possible. New York State guidelines require students to study a language for 2 years at the middle school level and 2 more years at the high school level for an Advanced Regents Diploma. Students interested in more than one language can always add on another language as an elective when they enter our high school. Please be advised that while we will make every attempt to accommodate students in their first choice of language, it may not always be possible.

    As an added resource to help students make their selection, students may wish to sign up to use the program, Pronunciator, which is available for free through the Baldwin Public Library website. (Link to Pronunciator) Students can log in with their library card barcode to create an account and explore studying French, Italian, and Spanish before making their selection.  


    Dr. Jimmy Kalamaras

    Director of ENL and World Languages