St. John's College Advantage Program

  • We are happy to announce Baldwin High School’s continued partnership with St. John’s University’s College Advantage (CA) Program. Through our partnership Juniors and Seniors at Baldwin High School that are currently enrolled in Sociology and Psychology through our Social Studies department, and in French 4H, French 5R, Italian 4H, Italian 5R, Spanish 4H and Spanish 5R through our World Language department are eligible to co-enroll in the College Advantage Program. Through this special partnership, students will receive college credits for completing equivalent college coursework while still in high school.

    The cost of the program is $325 per course. Students taking world language courses are eligible to register for 2 courses: one in the Fall semester, and another in the Spring semester for a total of 6 world language credits. Most colleges will recognize credits from other colleges as transfer credits, but each individual college is different and has their own rules for recognizing transfer credits. Please check with the colleges you are interested in to learn if they will recognize transfer credits in social studies or world language.

    In addition to receiving transfer credits, St. John's University also includes an additional benefit for students that enroll in the College Advantage Program, and then go on to enroll at St. John's as an undergraduate. If a student enrolls in SJU the fall after HS Graduation, a $2000 grant award will be given for each of the four years of attendance at SJU.

    If you are interested in the College Advantage Program, please visit . Click on the red button "Apply For College Advantage Fall 2021". Once you select Baldwin Senior High School from the drop down menu, you will be able to find your teacher's name and the course to register for. If you have any questions regarding the CA program at Baldwin High School, please contact Ms. Albert ( regarding social studies courses, and Dr. Kalamaras ( world language courses.

    Important Registration & Payment Deadline Information:

    The deadline to register for the College Advantage Program is Friday, October 1, 2021. Once you register, a bill will be sent to the student e-mail you enter on the application, and a hard copy will be sent to the student’s home address. Information for payment will be enclosed. Payment must be received by Friday, October 8, 2021. There is no partial payment plan.

     Please note: Students that are dropped for non-payment by October 8th will not be reinstated.