Rainbow Program

  • Dear Parents/Guardians:


                I am excited to share with you that our school will be implementing a fun and exciting behavior management plan.  As a school community, we recognize that appropriate behavior is important to maximize student learning.  It is our goal at Meadow to maintain a positive atmosphere most conducive to learning and we believe that by using the following plan, we will do just that…provide an environment in which our children can grow and thrive while striving to meet their potential.  The plan is known as “The Rainbow System” and it is as follows:

               There are six levels or “colors” to the plan.  From top to bottom, the colors are purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. 

                Each student starts each day “fresh”, on the color green.  Green represents acceptable behavior.  The “green” student meets classroom expectations.  He/she follows classroom rules, participates, cooperates, and is respectful and responsible. 

                The goal is for the children to move up the chart.  If they move to blue, they demonstrate very good behavior.  The “blue” student consistently demonstrates “green” behavior throughout the day.  He/she needs no reminders to do what is expected.  The “blue” student follows routines with ease.  Class work is completed to the best of his/her ability.  The “blue” student truly appears to be putting his/her best efforts forth on a consistent basis throughout the school day.

                The top of the chart is purple.  The “purple” student demonstrates exceptional and outstanding behavior.  The student goes “above and beyond” that which is expected of him/her.  He/she is kind and compassionate to others and an excellent role model for others.  When others are behaving inappropriately, the “purple” student ignores the distractions and continues to do that which is expected of him/her.

                Although our goal is to move children up the chart each day, there is the possibility to move down the chart for inappropriate behavior.  The children may move to “yellow.”  This is a warning.  The student has broken a rule or a set of rules and needs more than a reminder or two to behave appropriately.

                The next level down is “orange.”  This level indicates that the student’s behavior is unacceptable.  The teacher has had to interrupt instruction repeatedly to address this student’s inappropriate actions.  He/she is not working up to his/her ability level.  The “orange” student is off-task, fooling around, defiant, and/or bothersome to his/her peers.

                The final level down is “red.”  This level indicates that the student’s behavior is out of control, requiring assistance from another staff member in the building such as the psychologist, social worker, or principal.  On this color, the student presents as a safety concern to himself or others.  In addition, if a student engages in any type of antisocial behavior, such as stealing or bullying, he/she may also be dropped down to “red.”

                Consequences (both positive and negative) are based upon the behavior the student demonstrates.  For example, students who end their days on green or better could be rewarded with points towards a class party or free homework coupon.  Likewise, there will be consequences for inappropriate behavior.  Children who demonstrate “orange” behavior might lose time from recess.  Children who engage in “red” behavior may be removed from the classroom and may need to have a parent or guardian come in to school for a meeting to discuss the infraction and appropriate consequences.

                With your support, we believe this management system will help our students understand what is expected behaviorally from them each day.  Your children will be asked to document in their planners the colors that they ended their day upon.  Take time to look at this and talk to them about their behavior.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you for your support!

Rainbow Program