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    Why Peer Mentoring?

    By accessing youth as leaders and mentors in a school community, peer mentoring has the potential to have a powerful impact on individual students and support a positive school culture.  Youth who provide guidance and role modeling for their peers can strongly influence skills and behaviors of others.  Positive social skills that align with the expectations of the school community can be modeled and transferred in a non-hierarchical relationship.

    Cross-Age Peer Mentoring

    The Meadow COUNTS Club is a cross-age peer-mentoring program that allows our older students to mentor our younger students. Our student members are at least two years older than the mentees.

    Kindergarten & Grade 3 Partnership

    Grade 1 & Grade 4 Partnership

    Grade 2 & Grade 5 Partnership

    Cross-age peer mentoring focuses on the relationships between mentors and mentees as “the main mechanism by which mentees develop in the areas of self-esteem, connectedness, identity and academic attitudes” (Karcher 2005).

    In this program our student mentors will provide guidance, support, attention and caring on a monthly basis. 

    Team Building