• Students are required to have their Readers' Notebook with them in class every day.  This is non-negotiable because we will be reading and writing every day.

    Students are also expected to have their independent reading book or in-class novel with them at all times.  Being prepared with a book to read at all times will help students reach their goal of 40-60 pages read per day.  

    Students will also need pens, pencils as well as a supply of post-it notes and highlighters.


    • 2 Marble composition notebooks (1 will be collected and stored for later in the year)
    • 1 Folder/way of keeping handouts
    • Pens/Pencils
    • Highlighters
    • Supply of post-it notes
    • Independent Reading Book or whole class novel.

    Student should be reading every night at home, to get to the goal of 40-60 pages each day.