• Grading

    25% Exams

    25% Essays/Projects

    20% Quizzes

    20% Positive Class Participation (iPoints)

    10% Homework


    Binder                                                                                              Lose leaf paper

    Dividers                                                                                           Highlighters

    Pens/Pencils                                                                                  Post-Its

    Colored Pens



    1. You are expected to be in class on time every day. This means that you are in your seat by the bell, with your books open, pens out, ready to work.
    2. If you are late twice, points are taken off your participation average. If you are late three times, your parent/guardian will be notified and you will serve detention, regardless of what activities you have planned.
    3. If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to collect the work you have missed and to complete the assignments within ONE WEEK.



    Homework can take the form of reading, writing, or reviewing. It is important that you stay on top of your work.  If you have trouble keeping up, see me.  Do not wait until the last minute.  Homework is due on the day it is assigned; late homework will receive no credit but will help with your class participation grade.


    School Policies

    1. Headwear Policy- Hats, do-rags, bandanas, and scarves will not be worn in class. This is a school wide policy.
    2. Electronics- Cell Phones, I-Pods, CD Players, and other electronic devices will not be allowed in class. This is a school wide policy.
    3. No food or drinks in class. This is a school wide policy.
    4. All school policies will be followed.