Social Studies

  • The K-5 social studies program is based on the New York State Social Studies Standards and content understandings revolving around the five themes of geography, history, economics, government and civics. 

    In addition to textual material, social studies instruction uses various strategies to engage students in the understanding of these concepts. Students are exposed to novels, non-fiction text, and primary and secondary source documents that enhance their understanding of major ideas, eras, themes, developments, and turning points in history. Students are engaged in interdisciplinary activities such as presentations, projects, interviews, and debates, as well as writing and drawing about historical events. 

    Students visit museums and/or historical sites and develop their understanding of fine arts and music as well as learn how to analyze and interpret maps, charts and graphs. Social studies and the humanities are an important part of the elementary school day. Assemblies enhance the K-5 program, bringing a deeper appreciation for various cultures, traditions, history, and the interdependent world in which we live.