• During the closure, you can access all classroom assignments on my Teacher page.

    Please see the cover pages on the green folder sent home on Friday, March 13, 2020.  It will explain how to use Clever, an "application dashboard." Clever is a single sign-on for many web subscriptions. 

    To access Clever, go to: baldwinschools.org and select Clever.

    If the device you are using has a camera, use the provided Clever Badge.

    If the device doesn't have a camera, use the credentials I sent home for username and password.  (rememeber no spaces or capital letters)


    If You Are Having Trouble Getting On The Scholastic App Follow These Directions:

    1. Log in using Clever

    2. Click on the KPi Owl Icon

    3. Click on Scholastic App (Icon of a Calendar)

    4. Click "Log In" on the top right corner

    5. Click on "I am a Student"

    *6. Click on "Google Classroom"

    7. Click on student's name


    For Art assignments, please view Ms. Mollineri's Teacher Page on Wednesday's.

    For Music assignments, please view Ms. Albro's Google Classroom on Wednesday's and Friday's. 

    For P.E. assignments, please view Mr. Resti's Teacher Page on Monday's and Thursday's.