• Dear Plaza musicians, this is your starting point for all e-learning.  ALL students have been invited to join Mr. Greer's Google Classroom.  Make sure your child accepts Mr. Greer's invite (through their district email account) so that they can access all of Mr. Greer's assignments.  ALL assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.  Students who need sheet music for Band and/or Orchestra should go to My Virtual Backpack (copies were posted on Tuesday, March 17th).  I will also include links to recordings under my "Helpful Resources" tab.  Keep in mind that you can (and should) slow down YouTube clips.  To do so, you need to click on the gear icon and select a different speed.  I suggest you start at 0.75 or 0.5 and gradually speed it up until you reach and can keep up with the normal tempo.  I also encourage ALL students to activate their FREE access to the Essential Elements Interactive Website: https://www.essentialelementsinteractive.com/.  All you need is your Student ID & our School Code: Plaza2019 If you do not know your child's Student ID email me at greerch@baldwinschools.org.  Using the Essential Elements Website, you can record your practice and I can grade and comment on your practice.  PLEASE NOTE: Band & Orchestra Members can stream practice videos to me through my Google Classroom.

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LI Music Festival