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    The Phoenix Magazine is an art and literary magazine, created by Baldwin High School students, encompassing photography, paintings and illustrations, poetry, and more! 

    Fall 2023 Issue

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    Phoenix Fall 2023




  • Credits for Current Issue

    The following students were published in the Fall 2023 issue: 

    Mia Biazon
    Daniel Crane
    Leila Leblanc
    Trinity Achonu
    Shalom Obimba
    Keturah Rodrigues
    Munachi Okorie
    Tyler Johnson
    Kevin Mokund
    France Derivois
    Alexa Reyes Reyes
    Britney King
    Jayson Mehlman
    Khadijah Khoule
    Brianna Burczyk
    Isabella Aparicio Romero
    Chelise Connor Prevatt
    Gianna Pavia

    2023-2024 Leadership

    Shalom Obimba
    Faith Wright
    Britney King
    Kevin Mokund
    Literary Editors:
    Khadijah Khoule
    Leila LeBlanc

    Past Issues 

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