• Know Your School Night will be held virtually on Thursday, September 24th.  

    The schedule for the night is as follows:

    6:30 pm - 6:50 pm - Webinar Presentation with Dr. Testa and Administration.  Please submit any questions you have to rosciglioneb@baldwinschools.org

    Use this link to join the webinar:

    Principal's Greeting - Know Your School Night

    KYSN Parent Letter 2020-2021

    Starting at 7pm, you will follow your child's Day A, period 1-9 schedule.  Each teacher will be holding a virtual class session according the schedule listed below.  

    Here's how you will be able to access the virtual classes:

    1. Have your child log in to their Clever account and access Canvas, just like they do during the school day

    2. Your child should assist you in navigating to the correct class page according to their schedule to access the virtual link, just like they do during the school day. 

    3. You will have the opportunity to see and hear your child's teacher.  

    4. Please be aware that these are short time frames and you will only be able to ask questions generally about the class and not specific to your child.  If you have a specific question regarding your child, it is best to email the teacher.  

    5. Enjoy the evening!

    Period                                    From                To

    Greeting from HS Admin          6:30pm             6:50 pm

    1                                           7:00pm             7:09 pm

    2                                           7:14pm             7:23 pm

    3                                           7:28pm             7:37 pm

    4                                           7:42pm             7:51 pm

    5                                           7:56pm             8:05 pm

    6                                           8:10pm             8:19 pm

    7                                           8:24pm             8:33 pm

    8                                           8:38pm             8:47 pm

    9                                           8:52pm             9:01 pm