• The Baldwin Middle School continues to offer extra-curricular activities for all learners. Baldwin Middle School is currently offering the following clubs for the 2023-24 school year: 

    • Art Club
    • Blue & Gold Club 
    • Book Club
    • Chess Club
    • GLO Club
    • GSA Rainbow Club Advisor
    • Math Club
    • School Store
    • Student Government Club
    • Yearbook Club
    • The Young Men of Excellence Club
  • Art Club    

    Advisor: Mr. Campbell

    Club Description: Welcomes sixth, seventh and eighth grade students to enjoy a brief art experience. Students have the freedom to try as much or as little as they are comfortable with in this artistic atmosphere.

    Location :  Room 209

    Meeting Time: Tuesdays 2:55 - 3:30pm



  • Blue & Gold

    Advisors:  Ms. McCoy and Ms. Pagano

    Club Description- A team comprised of eighth graders that compete in relays and games 

    Location: TBD

    Meeting Time: TBA

  • Book Club

    Advisor: Ms. Cassidy

    Club Description: Meets monthly to share the love of reading in a welcoming and comfortable environment. We discuss books in a variety of genres and participate in reading promotion activities in our school throughout the year.



    Location: Library

    Meeting time: 2nd Monday of every month

  • Chess Club


    Advisor: Mr. Iannucci 

    Club Description:  What better way is there to spend a Tuesday afternoon than one filled with friendship and camaraderie, as well as merciless attacks and viscous takedowns?  It doesn’t matter if you’re a shaky beginner who doesn’t know a pawn from a rook, or a seasoned chess strategist who knows the infamous “Scholar’s mate” – Students are sure to find a place in the chess club where they can learn, hone their skills, find someone to match their talents head-to-head, and/or test their abilities verses veterans. 

    Location: Room 219

    Meeting Time:  Tuesdays 2:55-3:30pm

  • GLO Club


    Advisors: Ms. Greaves & Dr. Melvin

    Club Description: Members meet regularly to grow as successful and empowered young women.

    Location: Room 266

    Meeting Time: Every other Thursday (beginning October 5th) 2:55 - 3:30pm

  • GSA Rainbow Club

    Advisor: Mr. Duca

    Club Description:  Members meet regularly in an accepting and safe environment to help create a nurturing school for all students.

    Location: Room 220

    Meeting time:  Fridays 2:55 - 3:30pm


  • Math Club 




    Advisors: Ms. Goel Sharma

    Club Description: 

    • Compete on a national level with Continental Mathematics League (CML)
    • Opportunity to win individual and team awards
    • Improve your problem solving skills

    Location: Room 217

    Meeting time: Thursdays (bi-monthly) 2:55-3:30pm

  • School Store


    Advisors: Ms. Puma and Ms. Tobon

    Club Description: Students can learn to stock merchandise, sell items to students, build academic and social skills and learn to be responsible.

    Location: Room 161A

    Meeting time: Students can sign up to work in the School Store during one of their lunch periods.

  • sio

    Student Government

    Advisors: Ms. Nelson & MS. McCoy

    Club Description: The student government club is the leadership body of our school. The club is integral in leading a variety of activities with the goal of club members taking a leadership role in each activity. 

    Location:  Room 103 

    Meeting time: Every other Monday 2:55-3:30pm

  • Yearbook Club


    Advisors: Ms. Firmbach

    Club Description: In Yearbook Club learners work together to plan, write, and organize our annual yearbook. 

    Location: Room 201

    Meeting Time:  Every other Monday 2:55-3:30pm

  • The Young Men of Excellence Club

    Advisors: Mr. Duperval

    Club Description: A leadership club for our male students to develop the skills within to lead themselves and lead others to be an impact. 

    Location: Room 106

    Meeting Time:  Every Tuesday & Thursday 2:55-3:30pm