• The Baldwin Middle School continues to offer extra-curricular activities for all learners. For the 2022-23 school year Baldwin Middle School will offer a select number of clubs and organizations virtually. Learners will have the opportunity to sign up for clubs they are interested in and will use the Google Classroom platform for all club meetings. Baldwin Middle School is currently offering the following clubs for the 2022-23 school year: 

    • Art Club
    • Blue & Gold Club 
    • Book Club
    • Chess Club
    • GLO Club
    • GSA Rainbow Club Advisor
    • Math Club
    • School Store
    • Student Government Club
    • Yearbook Club
  • Art Club    

    Advisor: TBA

    Club Description: Welcomes sixth, seventh and eighth grade students to enjoy a brief art experience. Students have the freedom to try as much or as little as they are comfortable with in this artistic atmosphere.

    Location :  Room 209

    Meeting Time: TBA



  • Blue & Gold

    Advisors:  Ms. McCoy and Ms. Pagano

    Club Description- A team comprised of eighth graders that compete in relays and games 

    Location: TBD

    Meeting Time: TBA

  • Book Club

    Advisor: Ms. Cassidy

    Club Description: Meets monthly to share the love of reading in a welcoming and comfortable environment. We discuss books in a variety of genres and participate in reading promotion activities in our school throughout the year.



    Location: Library

    Meeting time: TBA

  • Chess Club


    Advisor: Mr. Iannucci 

    Club Description:  What better way is there to spend a Tuesday afternoon than one filled with friendship and camaraderie, as well as merciless attacks and viscous takedowns?  It doesn’t matter if you’re a shaky beginner who doesn’t know a pawn from a rook, or a seasoned chess strategist who knows the infamous “Scholar’s mate” – Students are sure to find a place in the chess club where they can learn, hone their skills, find someone to match their talents head-to-head, and/or test their abilities verses veterans. 

    Location: Room 219

    Meeting Time:  TBA

  • GLO Club


    Advisors: Ms. Greaves & Dr. Melvin

    Club Description: Members meet regularly to grow as successful and empowered young women.

    Location: TBD

    Meeting Time: TBA

  • GSA Rainbow Club

    Advisor: TBA

    Club Description:  Members meet regularly in an accepting and safe environment to help create a nurturing school for all students.

    Location: TBD

    Meeting time:  TBA


  • Math Club 




    Advisors: Ms. Goel Sharma

    Club Description: 

    • Compete on a national level with Continental Mathematics League (CML)
    • Opportunity to win individual and team awards
    • Improve your problem solving skills

    Location: TBD

    Meeting time: TBA

  • School Store


    Advisors: Ms. Puma and Ms. Tobon

    Club Description: Students can learn to stock merchandise, sell items to students, build academic and social skills and learn to be responsible.

    Location: 161A

    Meeting time: TBA

  • sio

    Student Government

    Advisors: Ms. Nelson & MS. McCoy

    Club Description: The student government club is the leadership body of our school. The club is integral in leading a variety of activities with the goal of club members taking a leadership role in each activity. 

    Location:  TBD

    Meeting time: TBA


    Yearbook Club


    Advisors: Ms. Firmbach

    Club Description: In Yearbook Club learners work together to plan, write, and organize our annual yearbook. 

    Location: TBD

    Meeting Time:  TBA