Welcome to Health & Mindfulness !!

  • HI ! My name is Jackie Lazzarini. I am the Health and Mindfulness Teacher at Baldwin High School for 2021-2022. I am certified in Physical Education, Health and Yoga. I achieved a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from SUNY Oneonta and a Master's Degree in Physical Education and Health from Adelphi University.

    My passion and vision is to provide an emotionally, socially and physically safe classroom environment where students feel comfortable to be themselves in a judgement-free zone. I plan to implement an engaging, relatable and calming experience in Health and Mindfulness where students can learn stress management tools, promote healthy habits for a lifetime, and become the best version of themselves !


    Please reach out to me if you need anything or have any questions.

    Email - Lazzarinij@baldwinschools.org

    Twitter - @LazzHPEyogi

    Lazzarini's Google Site

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