Miss Hernandez-Physical Education & Health

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    Hello Everyone ☺!
    I am the new Physical Education and Health Teacher at Baldwin High School. I achieved my Bachelor's Degree in Education at Long Island University & a Master's Degree in Education-TESOL at CUNY Queens College. I'm excited to announce that I have the amazing privilege of being part of the Bruin Nation and will be the head varsity cheerleading coach *\o/*

    For me, there is great value in connecting with my students in the gymnasium and the classroom. Coaching my students and getting involved in school clubs allows for more personable connections with my staff and members of our community!  Encouraging students to connect with their school is important. It allows our students to create relationships with their peers by being involved in sports teams and extracurricular activities. I see each student as a valuable component both in my class and in the greater school community. I'm grateful to be a part of BUFSD and look forward to an amazing school year.