Welcome to First Grade! Mrs. D'Amico

  • March 30, 2020

    Mrs. D'Amico


     ******PLEASE VISIT NEW PAGE ON WEBSITE (March 30-April 3rd)


    Good morning! Let's get going! We have a busy week ahead of us! 

    1) As always, start your morning by writing in your "at home" journal. Please write at least 8-10 sentences about your weekend!  ... If you want to email it to me, I would LOVE!!!!! that!

    • Write about it in detail

    • Add some talking bubbles and thinking bubbles

    • Edit for puctuation and spelling.

    • Illustrate with details and labels.

    • Read it aloud with expression to someone!

    2) Please access Raz-kids and read... (Nonfiction)

    3) I have added a new elearning math page. Please follow math instructions on page for March 30-April 3rd.

    • ****Extra Review:  You can go BACK into Module 4 and complete any of the previous Problem Set lessons as extra practice or previous HW pages. 

    4) Please continue to spend time each day utilizing iReady Math and iReady Reading. (Minimum of 30 minutes each per week.) I am so proud of all of the hard work you are  doing at home. KEEP IT UP! 

     5) Please watch SS/Science video on Brainpop jr: WASHING HANDS (There is a follow up quiz) ****Many students have not completed any Brainpop jr. assignments.*****

    Reminder: Look for links and more directions for the upcoming day's assigments on the "My Teacher Page". 



    Mrs. D'Amico