Welcome to First Grade! Mrs. D'Amico





     Please have your child log onto CLEVER. There they will see a Google Classroom icon. Please have your child click it and accept the invitation to join! You will not need a class code if you go through CLEVER.




    Please go to elearning page for daily assignments.

    Hopefully everyone was able to access the new Readworks.org site. Please email me with any questions/problems.




    Class code: 7ZTND2

    Password: 1234

     Each day you will read a nonfiction article. (If it is difficult, it can be read to you!) These articles will increase background knowledge and promote independent reading while acquiring content specific vocabulary. While you are reading, you can, change the size of the print, highlight information with your finger or a mouse, use a reading strip to help you focus or create a split screen to jot down your thoughts while reading!

    After you read the article once or twice you will go to the “Book of Knowledge” tab. This will be where you type in some (2-3) new or interesting facts you learned while reading the article.

    You will complete one article each day! ENJOY!!


     As always, start your morning by writing in your "at home" journal. Please write at least 8-10 sentences. The journal prompt is on the daily assignment page.   ... If you want to email it to me, I would LOVE!!!!! that! 

    • Write about it in detail

    • Add some talking bubbles and thinking bubbles

    • Edit for puctuation and spelling.

    • Illustrate with details and labels.

    • Read it aloud with expression to someone!

     Please access Raz-kids or Tumble Books and read... (Nonfiction)

     I have added a new elearning math page

    • ****Extra Review:  There has been an IXL.com account opened for our class. This is a great way to get some extra skill practice in! 

     Please continue to spend time each day utilizing iReady Math and iReady Reading. (Minimum of 30 minutes each per week.) I am so proud of all of the hard work you are  doing at home. KEEP IT UP! 


    Reminder: Look for links and more directions for the upcoming day's assignments on the "My Teacher Page". 



    Mrs. D'Amico