Welcome to Baldwin High Schools Fine Arts Program



    All Students please refer to your canvas for all of your assignments.   Life Skills students, if you are remote you will be on google classroom.  Every assignment will have attachments please be sure to view them and it will have a due date attached to it.   You will need to upload your work in order to submit it for a grade. 


    To all of my parents:

    I will be assembling art supply bags with some materials they will be using througout the school year when our supplies come in.

    Here is the supply list that you will need to get for yourself to successfully complete these courses.

    Airbrush: no smaller than an 8x10 sketcbook for all assignments, regular number 2 pencils, scissors,  and a glue stick, color pencils, color markers.

    Life Skills: no smaller than an 8x10 sketchbook for all assignments, a number 2 pencil, scissors, and a glue stick, color pencils, color markers.

    Art 2: students will need a sketchbook, a number 2 pencil, pastels set of 12, and a basic set of acrylic paints, color pencils, color markers.   

    Feel free to contact me via e-mail if you have any questions.  






    Mural 2018
    Mural created by Ms. Flynn and Ms. Pane   Mural created to help students become aware of how a kind word can go a long way.  The mural is on display in the High School Commons area for all to see. 




     Mural 2017 Art 2

    This Mural was created by my Art 2 students showing Baldwin Pride.  It is on display in the High School Principal's office.





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