Welcome to Mrs. Sandler's Classroom!

  • Welcome

    Mrs. Sandler teaches Global History 2R, AP Psychology and College Psychology.  


    Welcome!  I believe that every student has the opportunity to learn, achieve and succeed.  My extra help hours are Mondays and Tuesdays after school in room 333. 

    All handouts for the week can be found in the box (labeled with the days of the week) in room 333.  Please make sure to see me if you have been absent.


    We will be utilizing Google Classroom for assignments.

    Also, remember to frequently check the eschool portal for updated grades!


    My schedule:

    Period 3:  AP Psychology- Room 333

    Period 4:  College Psychology - Room 333

    Period 5:  AP Psychology - Room 333

    Period 7:  Global 2R- Room 333

    Period 9:  Global 2R- Room 333