Title Name Phone Number Email Address
Co-President Camaker Heyward lenoxptacopresidents@gmail.com
Co-President Katrina Smith lenoxptacopresidents@gmail.com
Vice President - Programs Shareen Williams lenoxptaprograms@gmail.com
Vice President - Legislation Nicole Ricca lenoxptalegislation@gmail.com
Vice President - Membership Lisa Broxton lenoxptamembership@gmail.com
Vice President - Health & Safety Keenya Phillip-Weekes Lenoxptahealthsafety@gmail.com
Recording Secretary Jody Caldon lenoxptasecretaries@gmail.com
Corresponding Secretary Natasha Stapleton-Owens lenoxptasecretaries@gmail.com
Treasurer Dia Whyte lenoxptatreasurer@gmail.com
  • Hello Lenox Families,
    Please join our Facebook page where we post event information, parent updates and pictures on a regular basis.  This is the best way to find out what the PTA is doing.  
    If you have not become a member for the 2022-2023 school year, please do so by using the link below.  The annual fee is $15 for the first family member and $5 for each additional family member in the household.  This contributes to our fundraising dollars so we can continue to offer amazing events and experiences for our children, as well as represents the large amount of support and parent involvement at Lenox School.  
    We encourage everyone to attend our PTA meetings.  We will be providing a lot of important information relating to school events, trips, Arts and Ed programs, parties, clubs, etc. There will also be important 5th grade graduation information provided.  
    The 2022-2023 Lenox PTA Executive Committee
    Co-Presidents:  Katrina Smith & Cami Heyward
    Treasurer:  Dia Whyte
    Programs:  Shareen Williams
    Membership:  Lisa Brockton
    Legislation:  Nicole Ricca
    Health & Safety:  Keenya Phillip-Weekes
    Recording Secretary:  Jody Caldon
    Corresponding Secretary: Natasha Owens
    5th Grade Committee Chair: Ronda Mesidor