Plaza School Physical Education

  • Physical Education is a vital element, in a comprehensive, well-balanced educational program. A positive learning (environment) experience in physical education is a major contributing factor in the optimum development of an individual in all aspects of wellness. 

    The physical education curriculum at the elementary level develops the confidence and competence of each student stressing movement education, awareness of fitness components and motor skills. The K-2 program focuses on a student's ability to perform a variety of movements proficiently. As students develop an understanding of movement themes, they make connections to space, time, effort, and relationships that are critical to skill development. 3-4 program introduces students to lead-up skills required for successful participation in physical activity.  This includes the application of concepts from disciplines such as motor learning and development, sports psychology and sociology and exercise physiology. 

     By their last year in elementary physical education, fifth grade, students will demonstrate motor skills and movement patterns while performing a variety of physical activities. The students will also demonstrate and understanding of movement concepts, principles and strategies and tactics while exhibiting responsible personal and social behaviors.

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  •  Ms. Kelly Beck

    Mr. Tom Catapano

    Mr. Larry Resti