Baldwin High School English

  • English Department

    OUR MISSION: The Baldwin High School English Department is passionate about offering courses that excite and challenge students while preparing them for success in college, careers and life.  The English Department offers four years of Next Generation - aligned curricula that help students use literature to understand their world and themselves and help them articulate their thoughts clearly, orally, in writing and through various media distribution channels.  Through a study of various genres we explore themes of relevance with our students.

    In addition to the core English courses, we encourage students to take AP courses that will help them earn college credit and provide them the opportunity to distinguish themselves to colleges and universities.  Currently, we offer AP Seminar to our sophmores, AP English Language and Composition to our juniors or seniors and AP English Literature and Composition to our seniors.   Students at every grade level should expect to read literature that will engage them, to listen to and participate in class discussions and activities that will deepen their understanding of the texts, and to complete assignments designed to improve their writing skills and provide new insights for the world we live in and into works and topics they address.



  • Dr. Carol McGill

    Secondary Supervisor, English