Excellence and Equity for All

  • Baldwin School District maintains a rigorous academic program for K-12 students in a vibrant teaching and learning community. 

    The district communicates with community pre-K programs to help the transition of students into kindergarten and the district elementary schools. At the elementary level, there is a strong foundational curriculum in place that supports students with the Common Core Curriculum Standards and New York State Assessments through balanced literacy and the Go Math program.

    The middle school bridges the elementary curriculum with the continuation of the Go Math program in grades 6, during which students are placed on a teamed schedule.  Students in grades 7 and 8 are prepared for high school readiness and given pre-Advanced Placement options in a schedule that is more reflective of the high school level.  Students in grade 8 may participate in the Pre-Academy program, which provides enrichment and the opportunity to sample High School Career Academy opportunities. 

    The high school prepares students for college and career readiness through an open Advanced Placement policy, Careeer Academy offerings, college-level electives, higher education partnerships, and experiential learning through shadow days and internships in the award-winning school-to-career program.

    The district provides social and emotional support for K-12 students and offers a mentoring program that creates meaningful relationships between students and trusted adults. In addition, the district schedules a variety of parent workshops and meetings throughout the school year.