Pre-Academies at Baldwin Middle School

  • Eighth grade students at Baldwin Middle School may elect to take Pre-Academy classes during ninth period as an enrichment activity after the regular school day and as an introduction to the Career Academy program at Baldwin High School. The program is designed to prepare middle school students with real-world exposure to a career-specific curriculum.  The intent is to provide students with occupational exploratory options and the exposure to academy paths they may participate in at the high school. It will give students valuable workplace skills and prepare them for high school, college, and the workforce of the future.

    Students will have the following selections that relate to Career Academy tracks in high school:

    • Robotics (STEM/Engineering)
    • Science Research (Medical and Health Science Academy)
    • Computer Science (STEM/Engineering)
    • Speech and Debate (Government and Law Academy)
    • Future Teachers of Baldwin (Education Academy)
    • Design and Architecture (STEM/Engineering/Art)
    • Art (Fine and Performing Arts)
    • Virtual Enterprise (Global Business and Entrepreneurship)
    • Stock Market (Global Business and Entrepreneurship)
    • Project Lead the Way - Medical Detectives (Medical and Health Science Academy)


    Pre-Academies at Baldwin Middle School from Baldwin UFSD on Vimeo.

    Learn about the Baldwin Middle School Pre-Academies, which offer an enrichment experience for all students, allowing them to explore programs that are similar to the Academic Academies at Baldwin High School.