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  • Social Studies

    The Social Studies Department encourages students in grades 9-12 to respect and understand multiple historical viewpoints and diverse experiences so they can become active and contributing members of society and the global community. Our courses are designed to teach students how to be critical thinkers. They are challenged to investigate, ask questions, analyze and critique information so they can draw conclusions and problem solve. In our classrooms, students are engaged in activities aligned with the New York State Common Core Standards.

    Ninth grade students enroll in Social Studies 1R or AP World History 1, for the first of a two-year sequence in Global History and Geography, which continues in tenth grade with Social Studies 2R or Advanced Placement World History and culminates with the New York State Regents exam in June. The 10th grade students enrolled in Advanced Placement World History also must take the Advanced Placement  Exam in May.  Eleventh grade students take United States History and Government or Advanced Placement United States History. Both courses  culminate with the Regents exam in June. Those 11th grade students who enroll in Advanced Placement US History must also take the Advanced Placement  Exam in May.  Students in twelfth grade take a half-year course in Economics (either Regents or honors) and another half-year course in Participation in Government, a public policy course in which students also complete a community service project. In place of Participation in Government, seniors can take Advanced Placement Government and Politics or Public Affairs, which is college-level course offered through Syracuse University in which students can earn 3 college credits. 

    In addition to the Advanced Placement courses in World History, United States History, and United States Government and Politics, students can also take Advanced Placement Psychology. They can also  enroll in the Law Academy to delve deeper into possible career paths in the law with classes in Introduction to Law, Justice and the Modern World, and Law, Crime, and the Community. Other electives include Facing History and Ourselves, College Psychology, and College Sociology. 

    Students are encouraged to participate in historical and social inquiries to help them connect historical knowledge, skills and values so they are better prepared to meet the challenges of college life and the workplace.  The department hosts the Legislators Back to School program in the fall and the Multi-faith Forum in the spring and supports induction into the Social Studies National Honor Society.


  • Mr. Ricky V. Papandrea Jr.
    Supervisor of Social Studies
    960 Hastings Street
    Baldwin NY 11510
    High School: 516.434.6150
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