Baldwin Middle School English



    The Baldwin Middle School English program is aligned with the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards requirements.  Students are immersed in a yearly four-unit curriculum that enhances the analysis of a variety of texts and genres. Students dig deep into specific pieces of text and create a personal claim to the meaning of an author's words and thinking. Students then express their claims and provide textual evidence through a variety of venues, such as writing, public speaking, group projects and technology.

    The English Department promotes a multitude of writing and multimedia opportunities throughout the school year.  Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and foster the development of and aspirations toward becoming lifelong learners.  Moreover, students are informed about summer programs that promote reading, writing and articulation of thought.

    Students will be assessed three times a year to determine their Lexile Level in reading and vocabulary.  Throughout each unit of study, students will take common mid-unit and end-unit assessments.




    Dr. Carol McGill

    Secondary Supervisor, English