Baldwin Middle School Science

  • The Science Department aligns coursework with the intermediate-level Science Common Core Curriculum for instruction and assessment of students in grades 6-8. The department promotes age-appropriate, hands-on instruction to include student interests, hands-on laboratory experiences, science research, and Common Core activities.  Instruction focuses on understanding important relationships, process mechanisms, and applications of concepts. All students in sixth grade take Physical Science while students in seventh grade take 7R or 7H Life Sciences, and students in eighth grade take either 8R Earth Science or 8H Physical Setting Earth Science.  Students take the intermediate-level New York State Assessment in science at the end of grade 8.  All grade 8 honors students take the New York State Earth Science Regents exam.  Students take midterm exams in January, and sixth and seventh grade students also take final exams in June.

    The annual Science Symposium, held in the fall, provides an exciting challenge for students who engage in a more in-depth study of their particular interest through the scientific method.  Projects, models and PowerPoint presentations are on display, and students have the opportunity to present their experiments and science research projects to parents, peers, and the community.  All honors students are required to complete a science research project coupled with experimentation, and all other students are encouraged to participate.


  •  Susan J. Ferrigno
     Secondary Supervisor, Science