• Community relations continue to be strengthened in both traditional and newer formats. Principals have tapped local resources (PTA) to make scarecrows for a Baldwin Civic Association contest, to grow marigolds in our classrooms and gardens, to produce beautiful student performances at the Concerned Parents of Baldwin’s “Dr. King: Stand Up Against Hate,” to frequent and support the local library, and to share consistently our accomplishments with reputable media sources and supportive political members. In addition, our new Superintendent, Dr. Shari Camhi, revised the format of Community input meetings so that diverse groups (business owners, parents, teachers, administrators, and board members) were able to focus on shared challenges, problem solving, and goals/dreams.

    Plaza continues to be both a home and an outreach for members of our community. Our Student Council participated in the Summit, shopped for items to donate to needy families during the holidays, and visited a local senior citizens home. Our student body participated in several community contests including the always fun Rotary Track Event in June. Several local politicians visited our students to discuss how their jobs work and how our children can become activists for their future. We open our building to the JCC program and several Girl Scout troops use our rooms to hold their meetings. We hope this will be our 3rd straight year of winning highest attendance at the local Baldwin Library.

    student council plaza